Welcome to Harpy Hour!

Marisa Sandlin, host of Harpy HourThis biweekly* podcast is a rambling exploration of the world of women and alcohol — mostly brewing — as I travel Canada and the USA (and maybe Europe, some day soon) to seek out fearless females who are making their mark in the world of beer, wine or spirits.

Here’s the blog o’ links. Heady goodness awaits you!

If you’re a fan of craft beer or small-scale wineries and distilleries; if you think women are awesome and can do anything they set their minds to; if you love booze (within reason) and podcasts (to any degree of reasonableness you think is appropriate)… welcome home!

You can catch the podcast on iTunes [site] [direct link], naturally, or check us out on Stitcher.

If you’re looking for a quick introduction to the wide, wild world of women and brewing, here are a few key episodes to date:

Episode 1: Our first ever, and my introduction to the amazing and groundbreaking Society of Beer-Drinking Ladies.

Episode 8: An ambitious attempt to capture the epic majesty of Beau’s Oktoberfest. Maybe not a complete success, but a game attempt!

Episode 10: A distillery, which was a nice change of pace. Also the first stop on my second “season,” a tour of the southeastern USA, including Asheville, Charlotte, Savannah and the mighty ATL.

I’m a mighty fortunate lady, carving out a hobby (and hopefully, one day, career) talking beer and spirits with amazing women who kick ass, take names, and brew like nobody’s business. Join me! Subscribe to the podcast, rate and review on iTunes and Stitcher, and I’ll see you at the pub.

– Marisa

*pretty much. I try!