Episode 6 – Beau’s is for beau-tiful

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I imagine everyone in Canada–certainly Ontario–is familiar with the ubiquitous tractor design and the delicious taste of Beau’s All Natural Brewery. (Fun fact: one of our first acts in moving to Kingston, Ontario was ordering a mess of veggie Chinese takeout and sit on the floor of our then-new apartment and drink the crap out of the Lug Tread. It was perfect after a five hour drive down the 401 with a passel of angry cats and a heat wave.)

I had the opportunity to talk to Jennifer Beauchesne of Beau’s; sure, she’s the head of communications,but frankly, she too is an all-around bad-ass. As I keep saying, this beer business is full of lady bad-asses. I love it. Bring. It. On.

I’ve only ever been to the brewery one other time. I think it was around 2011? Man, am I missing out by not going there at least once a year. It’s a gorgeous operation with a new-ish patio that serves food in a bucolic small town setting. My partner and I had a great time and will definitely be back for their Oktoberfest. It just means having to stay in Cornwall….

Beau’s, congrats on ten years! I hope there are many more. I love ya.

Beau’s beer sampled & maaaaaybe drank during this interview as follows (don’t worry, I do have a DD for these outings):

* Farm Table: Marzen
* Farm Table: Patersbier
* Elephant Monsoon
* Wag the Wolf

Also, last night was the final concert for the Tragically Hip. I’d be remiss as a permanent resident who discovered them on her new life in Canada. I really like this song. I know it’s not a classic, but the heart loves what it loves.

Episode 5 – Don’t Take It For Granite!

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I will never get tired of saying that interviewing all these amazing women in beer is the raddest gig on the planet. So this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Mary Beth Keefe of Granite Brewery in Toronto, ON. Mary Beth’s a second generation brewmaster, having learned the ropes from her dad, from her travels, and from studying. If you live in the GTA, visit the GTA often (like I do), do your tastebuds a favour and head there for pretty fantastic beers as well as solid brwepub grub. I dunno if I could choose my favourite, but if forced to, I might go for the limited edition 25th Anniversary ale. If that’s gone by the time you get there, Hopping Mad IPA is go.

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We’re doubling up this time out for Harpy Hour, so there will be a fresh episode on August 21st too! Mark the date!