Episode 10-A: Upstate Craft Brewing Company

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Hey guys, here’s a mini-episode reviewing a flight of lovely beers at Upstate Craft Brewing Company in Greenville, SC. I’ll be traveling throughout the Southeast, reviewing breweries as well as gathering longform interviews. There will be small episodes in between the full-length ones, so check it out! And if you’re keen to see the breweries and brews in these minis, please find me at @HarpyHourPodcast on Instagram. As usual, send me places I should check out on Twitter or via email. Cheers!

Episode 9: Getting Beer From a Stone (City Ales, that is)

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Aaand here I am sorry for the delay in a new episode! It won’t ever happen again, Girl Scout’s honour. (Okay, I was a Brownie. I don’t know why I never made it as an actual Girl Scout.)

I’m really excited about this episode because not only do I get to rave excitedly about my local, I get to talk to their newest assistant brewer, Kelly, while I do so. Well, actually, Kelly does most of the talking, while I do most of the adoring because Stone City Ales here in K-Town is making amazing beers. She and I got together over the Thanksgiving weekend (that would be Thanksgiving here in Canada, Americans) to chat about how she became passionately involved in beer and why San Diego should rightly be visited as a Beer Mecca.

So what are you waiting for?? Go have a listen! When you’re done, leave a review/rating over on iTunes, recommend me to some like-minded beery folks, and yes: I’m on the Twitter and on the Instagram. Come say hi! You’ll definitely want to stay connected this way as I’m off to the Southeastern US for a heavy brewery/interview tour!

A special shout-out to the following lovely breweries for providing me with beer and smiles on the longish drive back from Port Perry to Kingston: