Episode 42 – Ozark Beer Company

The Natural State (aka Arkansas) is next up on the 50 States Beer Project. We chat with Lacie Bray, one of the owners of Ozark Beer Company, located in Rogers, AR. Lacie is pretty great and I appreciate her taking the time to talk with me.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Episode 41 – 8-Bit Aleworks

Hello, Arizona!

And by that I mean: hello, 8-Bit Aleworks! Co-owner Krystina Whitten chatted with me about their brewery as well as their unique twist on a taproom. (Hint: it’s in the name.) Located in Avondale, Arizona, 8-Bit is definitely one of the cooler breweries I’ve encountered recently. So give it a listen and let me know what beer and what games you’d enjoy at 8-Bit!

Because we are drawing to the end of the year, I make the promise that you will have a Harpy Hour episode waiting in your podcast feed every Friday morning. We’ve got some great breweries lined up: Blue Canoe Brewing Company, Ozark Beer Company, Little Beasts Brewing, and Spearhead Brewing. It’s a trip through Arkansas for the next two weeks, then a brief spell in Ontario.

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