August 7th mini-episode!

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This is me sheepishly waving at you guys because I did not give you a mini-episode last Monday, nor did I give you a full length one this past Friday.

Yeah, for the Monday, I caught a summer cold. Inevitably, I did not feel up to recording anything. Soz!

As for Friday, well…let’s just say there is a reason why I use a digital recorder. The Megan Hamilton interview will finally grace your earsĀ this Friday. We talk politics, feminism, and most of all, beer! It always comes back to beer, obviously.

See me this Friday at Beer Expo in St Catharines! Or perhaps at The Exchange Brewery or Oast House. (If you do, say hi. I love chatting about beer.)

Don’t forget you can always call the Harpy Hour Hotline: 1-833-85-HARPY (1-833-854-2779). All voicemails received probably end up on the Monday episodes!

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In conclusion, I’m sorry about last week! Stupid summer cold.