Episode 46 – Chalonda White aka AfroBeerChick

Sometimes I get so myopic in talking with women who work in breweries that I forget the media side of beer! (Mea culpa.)

But not today, my friends. This episode highlights one of the coolest beer bloggers/social media mavens out there. I’m talking about Chalonda White, the titular AfroBeerChick. Not only is her blog one of the most stylish I’ve ever seen, it’s also engaging and honest.

I’m so glad she’s the guest this week. I need to prioritize Chicago on my beer travels list. Especially so I get out to 18th Street Brewery, makers of her desert island beer. Follow her everywhere online, folks.

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Next week’s guest in Regan Long of Local Brewing Company. See you then!

Winter Brews 12 – Wąsosz / Humalove Pukki

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Carrying on with the Winter Brews series, say hello to Wąsosz / Humalove Pukki, which is well marketed as a smoky beer buuuut… well, give it a listen and you’ll see what I thought.

Winter Brews 11 – De Molen Winter Saison

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Bless my boots if it isn’t a perfectly delightful saison! A quick review of the Craft Beer “advent calendar” De Molen Winter Saison. High marks for this one!

Feb-brew-ary 01 – Triceratops Tripel

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The first Feb-brew-ary podcast! Checking out Beau’s special releases to tide us through the worst of winter. This week: the Triceratops Tripel!

(photo courtesy of Beau’s)

Triceratops Tripel
Triceratops Tripel

Winter Brews 09: Fabryka Piwa Deep Space

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in awesome beer.

Fabryka Piwa Deep Space

I did not have high hopes upon seeing the label, but was blown away by what was inside… Fabryka Piwa Deep Space was dynamite! I thoroughly enjoyed this extra stout, and it is probably taking the award for my favourite beer so far as we reach the 33% mark in this European advent beer calendar journey.

Background music is “Jon Benjamin: Jazz Daredevil“, because my husband is a weirdo with a dumb sense of humour.

Winter Brews 08: Schloss Eggenberg Silver Bottle Beer

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Well, bah.

We’ve had a lot of highs and very few lows so far, and — despite having the funkiest bottle to date — this is far and away my least favourite beer in the Advent Calendar to date. Silver Bottle is apparently one of the top-selling Austrian beers in Austria, so I guess I’m not terribly surprised that my takeaway is that it’s basically like EuroBud, which is like Air Bud but it’s a beer instead of a dog, it doesn’t play basketball, and it sort of sucks.

Schloss Eggenberg Silver Bottle Beer


Winter Brews Part 7: Naparbier The Crimson Bird Raspberries

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Naparbier The Crimson Bird Raspberries

And the photo barely does it justice. This needs to be a Yakuza-style full back tattoo, stat.

Great beer, too… the Crimson Bird is definitely one of the highlights of the Advent Calendar to date. From this high, we’re sadly heading for a bit of a low, though… stay tuned for my review of the kind of disappointing Silver Bottle in a few days.

Winter Brews Part 6: Loncium Sweet Krampus

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Terrible confession time: I have been less than ardent in reading the description of all these beers on the Craft BeerAdvent site. Which means, as noted in this minisode, that I drank the Sweet Krampus a bit too chilly to really give it a fair shake. Apologies, then, to the good people at Loncium; I actually quite liked the Sweet Krampus, but hope to give it another go-round next year after letting it rise a bit closer to room temp.

Loncium Sweet Krampus

Winter Brews Part 5: Inveralmond DeMons Belgian Abbey Ale

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A Belgian ale from Scotland? Is that cheating? Well, not really. Kind of mixed feelings about this entry into the Trappist beer genre — including whether or not we can REALLY call it Trappist — but a solid Belgian on the whole. Enjoy this minisode, part of the Winter Beer series based on the Craft Beer Imports beer advent calendar.

Kilts! Haggis! Other vaguely insulting cultural stereotypes!