Episode 20 – Burial Brewing Company, Asheville NC

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Alas, we’ve come to the end of my trip down South to visit breweries.

We are ending it on a damn high note, though. My final Southeastern US interview is with Jess Reiser, one of the owners/founders of Burial Brewing Company in Asheville, NC. Burial was probably hands down one of the most tasty and inventive breweries I had the pleasure to go to….as you can probably tell from the very tipsy mini-episode I believe I posted when I reviewed two (!) flights of their beer. I talked to Jess via Skype before Christmas about Burial’s start and an exciting new development for their future. I thank her and every single lady I had the pleasure to meet and interview when I was down there from the bottom of my heart.

But never fear, this episode and all the others are available on iTunes and Stitcher for your listening pleasure. Leave a review and rating for a gold star*! You can swing by and talk to me via social media if you so choose; I am on Twitter, Instagram (sorry for any cat pics but our cat is super cute), and Facebook.

I’ve got a new batch of interviews in the works so stay tuned to see who turns up next! See you soon!

*a figurative gold star, sorry

Episode 11: Highland Brewing Company, Asheville, NC

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Hello, everyone!

This week’s episode is the time I had a lovely chat (and tour) with Katie Smith of Highland Brewing Company in Asheville. Katie’s one of the newest brewers for Highland so I was pleased to be able to sit down with her to talk about her career at Highland and her start in beer. Alas, I’m too faraway now, but I bet this year’s Cold Mountain is delicious. If you’re in Asheville, hoist a few for me, please.

There’s also a mini-episode of my review of a flight of Highland’s beer. You can listen to that tomorrow! If you want to see the brewery for yourself, please to go to the Harpy Hour Instagram feed for pics and say ¬†hello on Twitter.

Next week (Monday, to be precise), join me in Charlotte as I hang out with Rachael Cardwell of NoDa Brewing Company! Cheers!