Episode 41 – 8-Bit Aleworks

Hello, Arizona!

And by that I mean: hello, 8-Bit Aleworks! Co-owner Krystina Whitten chatted with me about their brewery as well as their unique twist on a taproom. (Hint: it’s in the name.) Located in Avondale, Arizona, 8-Bit is definitely one of the cooler breweries I’ve encountered recently. So give it a listen and let me know what beer and what games you’d enjoy at 8-Bit!

Because we are drawing to the end of the year, I make the promise that you will have a Harpy Hour episode waiting in your podcast feed every Friday morning. We’ve got some great breweries lined up: Blue Canoe Brewing Company, Ozark Beer Company, Little Beasts Brewing, and Spearhead Brewing. It’s a trip through Arkansas for the next two weeks, then a brief spell in Ontario.

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