Episode 50 – Laurie Porter of Smog City Brewing

Oh man, today’s episode comes to you with a bit of backstory!

I interviewed Laurie two weeks ago (!!) and learned afterwards that my recording program didn’t, uh, record it. And since Laurie has a lot on her plate these days, it took a while to reschedule and record. It happened and then I learned that my recording program didn’t record again (I know, I know, I am looking for a new option), but I did have my phone with me, so here we are.

I lament you can’t listen to the first five minutes, but I hope the rest of our conversation will make up for that. It’s decent audio, if a little echoey. Laurie Porter is one of the owners of Smog City Brewing, and frankly, I am just glad she’s on the show!

Check out their revamped website, their really cool label art, and if you have been there, tell me what drank! Finally, say hi on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Call the Harpy Hour Hotline: 1-833-85-HARPY. Review and rate the show, if you’re so inclined.

Episode 48 – Cyrena Nouzille of Ladyface Ale Companie

If, like me, you gravitate towards French and Belgian-style beers, this episode is for you.

(Well, they’re all for you, regardless of your beer preference. But you know what I mean. I hope.)

Cyrena Nouzille is the owner of Ladyface Ale Companie. Since 2009, they’ve been serving up casual yet classic French fare as well as making award-winning beers. They just celebrated their 8th Anniversary so count me lucky to have been able to spoken with Cyrena during such a busy time!

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Episode 47 – Regan Long of Local Brewing Company

This week on Harpy Hour I talk with Regan Long of Local Brewing Company based in San Francisco.

Regan has quite an impressive CV for a brewmaster–degrees in Oceanography and Physics!–but her passion for making the best beer for your pleasure won out over all the other cool stuff she knows. Go have a listen and plan your trip to head to SF for their Beer Week. Believe me, I am tempted to do that!

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Episode 44 – Crooked City Cider

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday time and drank some gorgeous beers. (Psst…you can tell me about them if you can 1-833-85-HARPY. Just sayin’.)

Because this is the first episode of 2018, I’m stepping outside of my adult beverage comfort zone and talking cider with Dana Bushouse of Crooked City Cider. Located in Oakland, California, Crooked City aims to make ciders that will blow you out of the water with their exquisite taste and attention to detail. And if you go to their website and read their cider list, I guarantee you will be very very thirsty.

What are some of your favourite ciders? What are some cideries you love where you are? Same as above, call and let me know!

In conclusion, go have a listen. Heck, if you’ve visited Crooked City, I can’t wait to hear what you drank. Seems like maybe I should make 2018 the year I explore cider!

Finally, thanks to everyone who made 2017 a great year for the podcast. You are all wonderful.

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