Episode 14a – Frothy Beard Minisode, Charleston, South Carolina

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Well worth the drive — and getting lost (our fault) — to make it to Frothy Beard in North Charleston, where we had a flight o’ delight in this converted industrial space that is, frankly, not exactly in an area with a lot of stuff to offer. But that let us settle in and really focus on the beer, and one of the best flights of the trip. This may be the last time we can visit Frothy Beard in their current location, as a bigger locale is in the works for 2017, and the more that this can be offered to the masses the better, we say! Cheers!

Episode 14 – Tradesman Brewing Company, Charleston SC

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Hey there, everyone! Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?

I dunno what it’s like where you are, but here in Ontario, snow is on the ground, it is stupid cold, and winter even hasn’t properly started yet. That said, this week’s episode finds us still in Charleston. This time I headed out to Tradesman Brewing to talk with co-founder Sarah Gayle McConnell about the Brewsters events. Sarah Gayle founded the Brewsters along with Macey Martin of Frothy Beard Brewery (look for a mini-episode featuring that brewery later this week!).  Frankly, I can’t quite do justice to what the Brewsters are all about in a blog entry for the show, which is why I think you’re going to love this episode. If you live in Charleston, visit the city often, or plan to, I hope you will be able to sample some of the beers made by these ladies!

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Have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you all on Boxing Day (it’s a holiday for us here in Canada) with a dynamite interview with Carly Wiggins of Southbound Brewing! Cheers!

Episode 13a – Revelry Minisode, Charleston, South Carolina

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Another minisode! I didn’t score an interview at Revelry, but in our tour of Charleston micro-breweries, we did make time to sit down and try a flight, as well as enjoy a lovely chat with some British ex-pats who have been making Charleston their home for the past decade. A moment of fleeting panic when a busload of bros unloaded itself at the front entrance was quickly defused when the frat brigade decamped to the upstairs patio (we were taking it easy in the main indoors space). Thank god for rooftop patios, whose siren call lures guys in backwards baseball caps the world over, leaving lovers of quiet and beer to enjoy a drink in peace. We had a lovely experience overall, even picking up a baseball tee to gift to our stellar catsitter back home in Canada. Cheers!

Episode 13 – Coast Brewing Company, Charleston SC

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This week I’m talking with Jaime Tenny, co-founder of Coast Brewing Company in Charleston, SC. Coast is a labour of love for Jaime and her husband David. They make pretty incredible beers–I’m thinking of the Boy King DIPA, in particular–and are not only dedicated to making those incredible beers, but in making the brewery as environmentally friendly as possible. One of the most interesting things I talked to Jaime about was her work as a founder of the SC Brewers Guild. The SC Brewers Guild is dedicated to changing the laws of beer in South Carolina to benefit the brewers and their customers. I was thrilled to to be able to talk to her and get her story as well as that of the brewery. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!

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