Episode 9: Getting Beer From a Stone (City Ales, that is)

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Aaand here I am sorry for the delay in a new episode! It won’t ever happen again, Girl Scout’s honour. (Okay, I was a Brownie. I don’t know why I never made it as an actual Girl Scout.)

I’m really excited about this episode because not only do I get to rave excitedly about my local, I get to talk to their newest assistant brewer, Kelly, while I do so. Well, actually, Kelly does most of the talking, while I do most of the adoring because Stone City Ales here in K-Town is making amazing beers. She and I got together over the Thanksgiving weekend (that would be Thanksgiving here in Canada, Americans) to chat about how she became passionately involved in beer and why San Diego should rightly be visited as a Beer Mecca.

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A special shout-out to the following lovely breweries for providing me with beer and smiles on the longish drive back from Port Perry to Kingston:

Episode 8 – On the Road and at Beau’s Oktoberfest

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Who has two thumbs and went to Beau’s Oktoberfest? (I hoped you guessed me or this got weird real fast.)

It was a live-ish edition of Harpy Hour. I recorded some live commentary, I ate a giant pretzel, I drank wonderful beers (the list is at the bottom), I played midway games and lost horribly, and I also was present for the incredible announcement of Beau’s involvement with the Rwandan Craft Beer Project. I was able to nab some audio from that panel but truly, please check out the short film on Beau’s website as well as the active Kickstarter. An all-woman-owned and run brewery would be a marvelous thing for this country; I urge you to check it out and donate if you can.

I also got some brief hanging out time with the indomitable Crystal Luxmore, Certified Cicerone and Beer Judge. She was presenting a beer knowledge panel at the festival and I am grateful she gave me some time to catch her highlights of this year’s edition. I’ve been wanting to get Crystal on the show properly for a while, so I hope to have an episode featuring her within the next few weeks!

Additionally, I had the pleasure of meeting Katy Watts, the genius behind the beer podcast 613.Beer! I’ve been listening to her episodes and I encourage you to do the same!

It’s the usual refrain: follow me on Twitter (@HarpyHour), email me at Marisa@harpyhour.com, and FINALLY THERE IS AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT! I’ll be uploading my pics from Beau’s Oktoberfest all week.

A huge shout-out and thanks to Jennifer Beauchesne from Beau’s; she is aces.

Beers I Sampled:

Episode 7 – Pink Boots and Beer

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So this week’s episode is with Laura Ulrich of the Pink Boots Society. We go into more detail in the interview itself, but the Pink Boots Society is an invaluable resource and support network for women who already have careers in the beer industry, or women who are looking to go into careers in that field as well. With chapters all across the world, the Pink Boots Society is doing the amazing work to make sure our voices and presences are heard in craft beer. I cannot thank Laura enough for her time. She was fantastic to speak with.

The usual caveats: rate/review/subscribe on iTunes (I would love you forever for doing that). I’m super active on the @HarpyHour twitter feed, and of course, you can reach me at Marisa@harpyhour.com. I’ve got some more great interviews lined up in the coming weeks and I hope you’ll stick around to hear them!

Beers sampled for this episode and editing are:

* Steamworks Brewery Kolsch

* Junction Craft Brewing Conductor’s Ale

Episode 6 – Beau’s is for beau-tiful

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I imagine everyone in Canada–certainly Ontario–is familiar with the ubiquitous tractor design and the delicious taste of Beau’s All Natural Brewery. (Fun fact: one of our first acts in moving to Kingston, Ontario was ordering a mess of veggie Chinese takeout and sit on the floor of our then-new apartment and drink the crap out of the Lug Tread. It was perfect after a five hour drive down the 401 with a passel of angry cats and a heat wave.)

I had the opportunity to talk to Jennifer Beauchesne of Beau’s; sure, she’s the head of communications,but frankly, she too is an all-around bad-ass. As I keep saying, this beer business is full of lady bad-asses. I love it. Bring. It. On.

I’ve only ever been to the brewery one other time. I think it was around 2011? Man, am I missing out by not going there at least once a year. It’s a gorgeous operation with a new-ish patio that serves food in a bucolic small town setting. My partner and I had a great time and will definitely be back for their Oktoberfest. It just means having to stay in Cornwall….

Beau’s, congrats on ten years! I hope there are many more. I love ya.

Beau’s beer sampled & maaaaaybe drank during this interview as follows (don’t worry, I do have a DD for these outings):

* Farm Table: Marzen
* Farm Table: Patersbier
* Elephant Monsoon
* Wag the Wolf

Also, last night was the final concert for the Tragically Hip. I’d be remiss as a permanent resident who discovered them on her new life in Canada. I really like this song. I know it’s not a classic, but the heart loves what it loves.

Episode 5 – Don’t Take It For Granite!

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I will never get tired of saying that interviewing all these amazing women in beer is the raddest gig on the planet. So this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Mary Beth Keefe of Granite Brewery in Toronto, ON. Mary Beth’s a second generation brewmaster, having learned the ropes from her dad, from her travels, and from studying. If you live in the GTA, visit the GTA often (like I do), do your tastebuds a favour and head there for pretty fantastic beers as well as solid brwepub grub. I dunno if I could choose my favourite, but if forced to, I might go for the limited edition 25th Anniversary ale. If that’s gone by the time you get there, Hopping Mad IPA is go.

When you’re done listening, go to iTunes and rate, would ya? I mean, if you wanted to review and subscribe that would be ace, too. You know the drill: you want to reach out to me about feedback or some ladies you think I should definitely talk to, hit me up at @HarpyHour, or via email at Marisa@HarpyHour.com. I am always happy to talk to cool folks.

We’re doubling up this time out for Harpy Hour, so there will be a fresh episode on August 21st too! Mark the date!

‘Gan’ You Feel the Heat? – Episode 4

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Honestly, I can never stop saying that the best part of this gig is meeting amazing ladies. It really is!

This episode I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina Miller whose job title for Gananoque Brewing Company is “Gettin’ Shit Done.” We sat outside on a very hot day, drank a beer, and talked about her role at the brewery, why craft beer is the bomb, and hey, there really is a beer for everyone!

If you’re keen to take a trip to the Thousand Islands in Ontario, you should do yourself a favour and head on over to the brewery. It’s a gorgeously repurposed 1860 carriage house that now makes some of the finest beer in Southeastern Ontario. What are you waiting for?

The music for the show is by Megan Hamilton. You can (and totes should) purchase her album, 40 Warm Streams to Lead Your Wings, on the iTunes. While you’re buying her album, give us a review, won’t you? And if you know people that might like what this podcast does, recommend it, please?