Winter Brews Part 4: Ticketybrew Rose Wheat

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The latest minisode from the advent/winter beer calendar from Craft! From England, home of tepid tap temperatures and football violence, comes Ticketybrew Rose Wheat, a surprising beer on lees that offers a lot of ginger as well as a pinch of rose. Not my favourite so far, but definitely an interesting deviation from the norm.

Probably my favourite brew-based pun to date, if not ever. Cheerio!

Winter Brews Part 3: Teerenpeli Laiskajaakko

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Ah, Finland! Home of… the Finnish. A proud people that I wish I knew more about. Lutefisk? Is that the one with lutefisk? I’m not sure. But I do know it’s the home of Teerenpeli Laiskajaakko, Beer #3 in my winter brew series (originally the Craft beer advent calendar).

Enjoy this minisode! I’ll be posting another in the next couple of days as the calendar takes us to Old Blighty and a surprisingly rosy entry.

Possibly the classiest label of all time. WELL DONE FINLAND. Their sporting events are probably epic.

Winter Brews 2016 Part 2: Camba Bavaria Bavarian Winter

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The Winter Beer Adventure continues! The second in the belated advent calendar is Camba Bavaria Bavarian Winter, over from Germany with a hoppy punch and some interesting fruity notes on the back end.

These minisodes will air periodically through February, as I gradually make my way through the advent calendar!

Winter Beer 02
Bavarian Winter — sounds like a slightly pants metal band, tastes much better.


Winter Brews 2016 Part 1: Birrificio del Doge APA

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Welcome to Winter Brews 2016!

Welcome to a special feature for Harpy Hour in 2016: this year, I ordered the BeerAdvent calendar from Craft. The shipping process had some bugs to work out, so I didn’t wind up getting mine here in Kingston until December 23 — a bit late for “advent” so we’re treating this kind of like a Winter Beer-A-Thon for 2016/17. Enjoy this voyage of discovery!

Beer #1 is Birrificio del Doge APA, all the way from Italy. Expect these minisodes periodically from now through February 2017!

All the way from Italy — a great start to my advent/winter beer adventure!

Episode 10: Distilling the delicious at Dark Corner Distillery

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At last, you see the fruits of my labours! I’ve returned from a two-week trip to my old stomping grounds of the Southeastern US with a plethora of interviews to share!

The first up is a bit of a change from the previous episodes. Usually, it’s all craft beer here at the Harpy Hour headquarters (headquarters being a standing desk with a mewling cat at my feet), but I do love some liquor upon occasion. And when that liquor is locally made and freakin’ incredible, I am so in.

So we start with talking to Roxy Fenten, co-founder of Dark Corner Distillery in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC. She was wonderful to chat with and do yourself a favour, listener, make a point to pass through Greenville and stop by to sample their lovely products. (I can’t guarantee it’ll be there when you go, but if the absinthe is available, you have to try it.) I’m still thinking about that gin three weeks later.

Also, swing by the Upstate Craft Beer Company and Quest Brewing Company while you’re in Greenville. The former also has a nice menu to complement their many beers (made in-house and some nice regionals), and the latter has a cozy space that is a hit with the locals.

Expect a new episode to drop every Sunday as I have many adventures to share with you. Follow the podcast on Twitter, or on Instagram. Cheers!