Episode 15a – Moon River Tasting “Minisode”

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Well, this one might take a bit of explanation, because it’s a kind of “mega minisode.” As detailed in the recording, when I ordered a flight at Moon River, I thought they’d let me select from their brews, but in a happy accident, it turns out that they just kind of go all-in on these things, and so I wound up with a 10-sample flight… 40 oz of beer all told.

It was an interesting lunch.

Luckily, I didn’t have any other plans for the afternoon, so my producer and I settled in as I soldiered through all of these. Enjoy! I sure did.

Marisa at Moon River
This is exactly the expression my cat makes when I pop a can of the fancy stuff.
Moon River Flight
Like Apollo 11, this is one hell of a flight.
Moon River Beer Menu
Read all about it — the entire flight, as a menu.

Episode 15 – Southbound Brewing Company, Savannah GA

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Happy Holidays, y’all!

Christmas Day may be past, but I think you can have one more lovely beer that, if you’re anything like me, you’ve saved up from your cellar for the occasion. This week we are in Savannah, GA talking with Carly Wiggins from Southbound Brewing Company. Carly is one of the founders of Southbound as well as heading the Board of Directors of the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild. She and I sat down together to talk about work there as well as the brewery itself. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I loved doing it!

I believe I have some photos of Southbound over on the Harpy Hour Instagram feed. Check ’em out! As always, I can be reached via Twitter or Facebook. Let me know what you drank during the holidays!

Harpy Hour is also available on iTunes and Stitcher. I would appreciate it if you left a rating and review. After all, it was just Christmas! 🙂

I will see you in the New Year when I chat with Molly Gunn of Porter Beer Bar in Atlanta, GA! Cheers!