Episode 27 – Beer + Running = WIN w/Tracey M. of the Buffalo Beer Goddesses

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Whether you regularly run 5Ks, 10Ks, or marathons, odds are if you are reading this, you probably also really really like beer.

I’m training to run 10K at a consistent clip, in hopes of participating in a few races this summer. Obviously, loving beer is a tricky thing when you want to make the most of running but you don’t want to be Hangover Girl on the track. I’ve been tweeting about this dilemma for a few weeks now, looking for like-minded ladies to chat about this on the podcast. Tracey M., from the Buffalo Beer Goddesses, kindly volunteered her time. Tracey runs marathons, trains for them when not running them, and loves beer. I have to say she has inspired me to tackle this running thing head-on without sacrificing my beloved beer!

The Buffalo Beer Goddesses website can be found here; they are also on FB and Twitter. You should follow them. You should hang out with them. I am going to try and do that this summer.

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