Episode 54 – Chloe Girouard-Martel of OEC Brewing

This week’s guest is the incredible and cool as hell Chloe Girouard-Martel of OEC Brewing. Chloe is notable for only being a rad person working in beer, but for also being a rad horticulturalist in beer. OEC Brewing sounds like an immediate roadtrip for me so hold on while I get some money together to go visit!

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Episode 44 – Crooked City Cider

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday time and drank some gorgeous beers. (Psst…you can tell me about them if you can 1-833-85-HARPY. Just sayin’.)

Because this is the first episode of 2018, I’m stepping outside of my adult beverage comfort zone and talking cider with Dana Bushouse of Crooked City Cider. Located in Oakland, California, Crooked City aims to make ciders that will blow you out of the water with their exquisite taste and attention to detail. And if you go to their website and read their cider list, I guarantee you will be very very thirsty.

What are some of your favourite ciders? What are some cideries you love where you are? Same as above, call and let me know!

In conclusion, go have a listen. Heck, if you’ve visited Crooked City, I can’t wait to hear what you drank. Seems like maybe I should make 2018 the year I explore cider!

Finally, thanks to everyone who made 2017 a great year for the podcast. You are all wonderful.

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Episode 43 – Blue Canoe

Libsyn’s WordPress plugin and support seems to be a flaming pile of garbage, so our fingers are crossed that this actually gets out after a full week of no help from the company we pay to host this.

I’m chatting with Macie Fellows of Blue Canoe Brewing Company this week. Blue Canoe resides in Little Rock, the state capital of Arkansas. (I still really want one of those pint glasses!)

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Winter Brews 12 – Wąsosz / Humalove Pukki

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Carrying on with the Winter Brews series, say hello to Wąsosz / Humalove Pukki, which is well marketed as a smoky beer buuuut… well, give it a listen and you’ll see what I thought.

Winter Brews 11 – De Molen Winter Saison

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Bless my boots if it isn’t a perfectly delightful saison! A quick review of the Craft Beer “advent calendar” De Molen Winter Saison. High marks for this one!

Feb-brew-ary 01 – Triceratops Tripel

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The first Feb-brew-ary podcast! Checking out Beau’s special releases to tide us through the worst of winter. This week: the Triceratops Tripel!

(photo courtesy of Beau’s)

Triceratops Tripel
Triceratops Tripel

Winter Brews 08: Schloss Eggenberg Silver Bottle Beer

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Well, bah.

We’ve had a lot of highs and very few lows so far, and — despite having the funkiest bottle to date — this is far and away my least favourite beer in the Advent Calendar to date. Silver Bottle is apparently one of the top-selling Austrian beers in Austria, so I guess I’m not terribly surprised that my takeaway is that it’s basically like EuroBud, which is like Air Bud but it’s a beer instead of a dog, it doesn’t play basketball, and it sort of sucks.

Schloss Eggenberg Silver Bottle Beer


Winter Brews Part 4: Ticketybrew Rose Wheat

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The latest minisode from the advent/winter beer calendar from Craft! From England, home of tepid tap temperatures and football violence, comes Ticketybrew Rose Wheat, a surprising beer on lees that offers a lot of ginger as well as a pinch of rose. Not my favourite so far, but definitely an interesting deviation from the norm.

Probably my favourite brew-based pun to date, if not ever. Cheerio!