Winter Brews Part 3: Teerenpeli Laiskajaakko

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Ah, Finland! Home of… the Finnish. A proud people that I wish I knew more about. Lutefisk? Is that the one with lutefisk? I’m not sure. But I do know it’s the home of Teerenpeli Laiskajaakko, Beer #3 in my winter brew series (originally the Craft beer advent calendar).

Enjoy this minisode! I’ll be posting another in the next couple of days as the calendar takes us to Old Blighty and a surprisingly rosy entry.

Possibly the classiest label of all time. WELL DONE FINLAND. Their sporting events are probably epic.

Winter Brews 2016 Part 2: Camba Bavaria Bavarian Winter

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The Winter Beer Adventure continues! The second in the belated advent calendar is Camba Bavaria Bavarian Winter, over from Germany with a hoppy punch and some interesting fruity notes on the back end.

These minisodes will air periodically through February, as I gradually make my way through the advent calendar!

Winter Beer 02
Bavarian Winter — sounds like a slightly pants metal band, tastes much better.


Winter Brews 2016 Part 1: Birrificio del Doge APA

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Welcome to Winter Brews 2016!

Welcome to a special feature for Harpy Hour in 2016: this year, I ordered the BeerAdvent calendar from Craft. The shipping process had some bugs to work out, so I didn’t wind up getting mine here in Kingston until December 23 — a bit late for “advent” so we’re treating this kind of like a Winter Beer-A-Thon for 2016/17. Enjoy this voyage of discovery!

Beer #1 is Birrificio del Doge APA, all the way from Italy. Expect these minisodes periodically from now through February 2017!

All the way from Italy — a great start to my advent/winter beer adventure!

Episode 2 – Summer Chuggin’ (It Happened So Fast)

It’s been too long since an episode was up, so I decided to review beers bought in a fit of warm summer optimism. The contenders were as follows: Lake of Bays – Wild North: Summer Sunset Session Ale Double Trouble Brewing – Revenge of the Ginger: Kickin’ Ginger Red IPA Side Launch – Pale Ale Central City Brewing – Hopping Mad Cider Radler Granville Island Brewing – Two Tides India Session Ale Muskoka Brewery – Kirby’s Kolsch Hop City Brewing – Polly Want a Pilsner Collective Arts Brewing – State of Mind Session IPA Sawdust City Brewing – Lone Pine IPA If you’re in Ontario, you can find these at any well-stocked LCBO. If you’re outside of Ontario, you might be able to find them at craft beer bars or exceptionally well-stocked stores. I will try to focus on more easily accessible brews in the future, or maybe make a road trip to Vermont again to get some of their delicious beers. Man, I miss those. As always, thanks for listening! You give me feedback or interact with me on Twitter at @HarpyHour.

Harpy Hour

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It’s the first episode! In the inaugural episode, I interview Ren & Magenta from the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies about how the SOBDL got started, attending beer fests, talking about beers we love, and pretty much anything else that crossed their minds.

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