‘Gan’ You Feel the Heat? – Episode 4

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Honestly, I can never stop saying that the best part of this gig is meeting amazing ladies. It really is!

This episode I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina Miller whose job title for Gananoque Brewing Company is “Gettin’ Shit Done.” We sat outside on a very hot day, drank a beer, and talked about her role at the brewery, why craft beer is the bomb, and hey, there really is a beer for everyone!

If you’re keen to take a trip to the Thousand Islands in Ontario, you should do yourself a favour and head on over to the brewery. It’s a gorgeously repurposed 1860 carriage house that now makes some of the finest beer in Southeastern Ontario. What are you waiting for?

The music for the show is by Megan Hamilton. You can (and totes should) purchase her album, 40 Warm Streams to Lead Your Wings, on the iTunes. While you’re buying her album, give us a review, won’t you? And if you know people that might like what this podcast does, recommend it, please?