Episode 7 – Pink Boots and Beer

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So this week’s episode is with Laura Ulrich of the Pink Boots Society. We go into more detail in the interview itself, but the Pink Boots Society is an invaluable resource and support network for women who already have careers in the beer industry, or women who are looking to go into careers in that field as well. With chapters all across the world, the Pink Boots Society is doing the amazing work to make sure our voices and presences are heard in craft beer. I cannot thank Laura enough for her time. She was fantastic to speak with.

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Beers sampled for this episode and editing are:

* Steamworks Brewery Kolsch

* Junction Craft Brewing Conductor’s Ale

Episode 2 – Summer Chuggin’ (It Happened So Fast)

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It’s been too long since an episode was up, so I decided to review beers bought in a fit of warm summer optimism. The contenders were as follows:

Lake of Bays – Wild North: Summer Sunset Session Ale

Double Trouble Brewing – Revenge of the Ginger: Kickin’ Ginger Red IPA

Side Launch – Pale Ale

Central City Brewing – Hopping Mad Cider Radler

Granville Island Brewing – Two Tides India Session Ale

Muskoka Brewery – Kirby’s Kolsch

Hop City Brewing – Polly Want a Pilsner

Collective Arts Brewing – State of Mind Session IPA

Sawdust City Brewing – Lone Pine IPA

If you’re in Ontario, you can find these at any well-stocked LCBO. If you’re outside of Ontario, you might be able to find them at craft beer bars or exceptionally well-stocked stores. I will try to focus on more easily accessible brews in the future, or maybe make a road trip to Vermont again to get some of their delicious beers. Man, I miss those.

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